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How Does Your Web Work?

Are your people too busy to flirt with web advertising? Does your marketing group only understand the fringes of web development and/or web design? And, of course, no clue about SEO?

It is not the design that makes a website work, although it is the design that attracts and keeps the eye, and mind focused.

It is how a website works for your company, in your marketplace online that really counts. Web Development and Web Design go hand in hand. If they do not, neither one works well.

Confused About Web Hosting?

Why should you have to worry about it at all? You need to run your business and let a knowledgeable web company run your internet marketing enterprises. Website hosting is part of this scenario.

Buddy Web Works has our own hosting at Buddy Web Hosting. An inside company that hosts ONLY those websites built by The Buddy Group of Websites and/or BEK, Brown Enterprises of KS. With full capability cPanel, Fantastico included, AWStats and much more, there is no reason to look anywhere else.

Don't be lured into using anything less than cPanel;
cPanel is the industry leader for turning standalone servers into a fully automated point-and-click web hosting platform. Only the world's best is good enough for Buddy Web Works clientele.

You Need

Web services include but are not limited to:

Choosing an effective URL
Domain Registration
Website Hosting
Marketplace Research
Website Development
Website Design
Organic SEO Included
Link Strategies
Social Media Marketing
Marketplace Analysis
Website Statistical Analysis
Webmaster Service

You will never need to pay for search engine listings with Buddy Web Works at the helm. Organic SEO is delivered inside each website we build.

What good is any website if it cannot be found by potential customers?
cPanel, Fantastico, AWStats.
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